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13 Years Experience

Our mission is as limitless as the sky, driven by the passion to make life easier as long as technology can be applied.

IT Sky Solutions Limited was founded in 2008 with the belief that the cost of technology in delivering and implementing good customer service engagement should be accessible to all small and medium-sized businesses, not just large or multinational corporations.

We started as a one-person team and progressed through a journey that showcased a dream that started at home and developed into what we are today, and it didn't stop there. Over the years, IT Sky Solutions has expanded to cover various areas of Information and Communication Technology services. Our solutions offer customers confidence in investing and initiating innovative business processes for prompt, accurate and secure data capture and mobile computing needs.




“To enhance ICT Capabilities beyond Limit”



Lead and Deliver ICT Solutions Globally


Ambition, Belief, Mutual respect and Professionalism

We are ambitious people who always see endless possibilities on the horizon.

Belief: We can achieve what we want by employing the right technology and approach. Our can- do attitude is core to our belief and positivity that we can do anything and our only barrier is ourselves.

Regardless of job title, we value each other and treat each other with respect. We ensure that everyone feels as good as they do at home, and we foster confidence, brotherhood, and love among our employees and clients. We invite others to join us in what we do, and we openly share our successes and failures in the hopes of rejoicing and solving challenges that obstruct our personal and professional goals.

We strive only for the best, for you and ourselves. We adhere to work ethics and excellence in dealing with you and our colleagues. We deliver our promises with a standard and exemplary attitude that will keep you coming back because you are happy.